Aplikasi Android Harga Emas Malaysia

Monitor all physical and virtual gold prices in Malaysia, for all type of gold including 999, 916, 750. This apps also include used gold calculator, Ar-Rahnu Investment Calculator, Daily Ar-Rahnu price for Agrobank, Ar-RahnuX, Bank Rakyat also to monitor Maybank Gold Investment Account, Public Bank Gold Investment Account and Kuwait Finance House Gold Account-i, CIMB Gold Saving Account and UOB.

Koleksi Barang Kemas Terbaru Di Pasaran
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Pelaburan Emas Paling Murah, Cuma RM1.00 Untuk Bermula
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CLIP HERE TO INSTALL  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hargaemas.resources


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