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Dear Diary!!!

Harga emas da trun!

Yes! Nak mencarot pon ade!

I feel so stupid! not because I bought few when the price was da bomb, but it is the fact that I was so excited bcs I thought I managed to get the discounted price. Sh**!!!

Back in Nov 2011 I think. The price was RM 198 per gram. Can u imagine?? I bought one bracelet at GM Ipoh which cost me approx RM 2600. Plan to use it during my akad (solemnization). Then I bought 2 rings at Habib Jewels too.

Now, as of 11 March 2012, the price is RM 185 per gram. When I went to one of the shops last Sat, the price was RM 189 per gram. So the bracelet that we plan to buy is approx RM880 (ringan jek.around 4.++ gram) Luckily we cancelled to buy it since we were quite rushing that time. When we came again the next Mon (actually last Mon), the new price is RM 845. Fuhh..we can save RM 35. OK-la tu..Bought alrdy. yuhuu

But the bracelet + ring for merisik…tskk..tskk..I bought time harga emas mahal.rugi!!

OK, for those kat luar sane who plan to buy jewellery (gold), macam nih care nak kire;

for example nak beli rantai tangan.
1- Kene taw harga emas
2- Berape berat rantai tangan tu
3- Berape upah (workmanship) yang dikenakan

cara kire:
(berat barang) x (harga emas) + (upah/workmanship)

cth kite nak beli seutas rantai tangan dengan berat 4.45g. Harga emas ialah RM 185 per gram dan caj upah yang dikenakan ialah RM50, so harga rantai tangan tersebut ialah

4.45 x 185 + 50 = RM873.25

Selalunya, kalaw nak nego harga, kite cume bleh nego pada harga upah (workmanship) shj. Jangan la mintak kurang sampai below harga emas pulak. Nanti taukeh kedai tu tersengih siniss sambiL kate “giLo ko jang??” huhuhu.kidding! sometimes kLw anda memang tere + taukeh 2pon mmg knaL anda, maybe bLeh nego Lebih La..

Kalau nak jual/trade in barang kemas kite pulak, nih care kire nye;

(berat barang) x (harga emas) – 25%
–> aku sLaLu rs cm bangang jek sbb da La time bLi kena baya harga upah, bLe nk juaL kite puLak kene toLak Lg.ceyssss..

so katekan we want to let go our rantai tangan. Again, imagine the weight is 4.45 and harga emas is RM 185 per gram.

So, 4.45 x 185 – 25% = RM 617.44

So bLeh La nego mintak dorang up sket, br La untung kan..

Picture credit to Google Image

But how to predict whether harga emas will increase or drop?? Entah….


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