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Berikut disenaraikan perbezaan diantara akaun pelaburan emas di Malaysia, kebanyakan pelaburan emas tidak mengenakan sebarang caj untuk membuka akaun, tetapi caj akan dikenakan apabila menukar wang tunai kepada emas fizikal. Pelabur boleh ke cawangan bank-bank berhampiran untuk membuka akaun. Harga emas terkini untuk setiap bank adalah seperti dibawah.

Public Bank VS CIMB VS Maybank VS Kuwait Finance House VS UOB


Here are factors to consider when picking a gold account:

Most banks do not charge a fee for the opening of a gold account. However, whenever you sign up for an account, a minimum initial deposit is required ranging from 5 grams to 20 grams.

Other than that, minimum subsequent purchase/sale shall be taken into consideration too. Especially, for those who plan to buy gold on a regular basic.

According to Wikipedia, here is the most common millesimal fineness used for gold:

999.99 (The purest type of gold in the market)
999 (Fineness equivalent to 24 carat, also known as three nines fine)
995 (The minimum allowed in Good Delivery gold bars)
990 (also know as two nines fine)
958.3 (equivalent to 23 carat)
916 (equivalent to 22 carat)

Please be noted, the minimum quantity for physical gold withdrawal required by some of the banks is 100 grams. In another words, you are not allowed to withdraw in physical gold if your invested amount is less than 100 grams.

Bare in mind, the physical gold withdrawal charges imposed is not really mentioned in most of the banks’ websites, except for CIMB Bank. It’s important to check with the respective bank first before any decision is made to sell your paper gold.

Basically, the option to withdraw in cash or crediting into savings or current account is making no difference for me, because I will still get the cash eventually.

But, for physical gold withdrawal, are the clauses like “you can withdraw in physical gold but it’s subject to our stock availability” and “physical gold withdrawal is subject to bank’s approval” is meaning the same for you?

Everything goes online now. We want a hassle-free investment. The idea of online gold trading via to purchase and sell gold is a good practice and service, which shall be followed by others bank too, perhaps.

The only major cost to be considered is the difference between selling and buying prices. Low fees translate into cost savings. And this can lead to higher profits. Therefore, compare the price differences between all the 5 accounts and identify the cheapest gold price.

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